Tenant Information


Please keep your garden tidy both for the sake of the overall appearance of the area and in consideration for your neighbours.

Pets and Animals

Tenants may keep a reasonable number of domestic pets if your home has a private entrance or garden. A domestic pet is considered to be a dog, cat, small caged animal or bird, small amphibians and fish. Consent will be withdrawn where your pet causes, or is likely to cause, a health hazard, injury, nuisance or damage or where keeping such pets in your home (including the garden/yard) is unsuitable. In these circumstances we may ask you to remove any pet.

You are NOT permitted to keep pets, either animals or birds without the prior written consent of the Landlord

Please ensure that any pet excrement/detritus is removed from the garden(s) or the yard(s) of the property on a daily basis. Failure to do so may result in the Landlord's contractor being used to remove such noxious matter and a resultant charge made to the Tenant.


Please pay your rent on time as late payments create extra work for the office staff, it affects our cash flow and has an effect on the level of rent reviews.


Please report all faults to the office. We will deal with all requests on a priority basis. You must report repair requests directly to the office in order that they can be recorded and the progress monitored. Please read your tenancy agreement carefully, some repairs are your responsibility, abortive call outs are expensive and we may have to pass these costs on to you.

Emergency call outs out of hours should be kept to a minimum and in many cases nothing can be done until the next working day anyway. You should make yourself aware of where your stopcock is and where your electrical trip switches are, if you need help with this please contact the office.

Please note - You must not carry out improvement work without the written permission of the office. Please contact the office if you have any concerns about this. Please Click Here for more information about repairs


We often call out to inspect reported rising damp problems that turn out to be condensation which is a tenant's responsibility. Please Click Here to read the document on dampness and Click Here to read the document on condensation to look after both the property and your own possessions and health.


  • If you smell gas call Transco immediatley on 0800 111 999.

Tenant Advice

Chadderton Estates provides the following online advice for tenants:

If you have any questions or require more information, please Contact Us.